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No. 7C, ½, Second Floor, Deanston Place, Colombo 03.
Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 17:00

About us


To become one of the leading HR solution providers in Srilanka with the focus of revolutionising and challenging the current systems inorder to create a more sustainable and better future for organisations and individuals alike.


Focused on quality and creating value, to deliver HR Solutions that cater to both organisations and individuals whilst going through continuous improvement with a strategic view point to ensure that we are always the best in what we do.


People focused

May it be an organisation or an individual, we focus on the human aspect that drives the business. By understanding the true value of people we try to ensure that they are always given a chance to show their true potential and to be a value addition nevertheless.

Quality of Service

Providing a service that meets and exceeds customer satisfaction alongside ensuring the best Quality is embedded in all our processes, Procedures and in all our Services.

Continuous Improvement

We thrive to be better, Better than yesterday. Better than everyone else. With continues improvement being an integral part of our strategy we always try to innovate and keep on improving every step of the way.

Trust & Integrity

Trust builds powerful relationships and bonds. And integrity strengths it even more. So we are always determined to build our relationships on trust and integrity. To ensure peace in mind and happiness at heart.