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Our Services

Staff Outsourcing / Deployments

Your employees whether permanent, part-time or temporary are your greatest assets. They are critical to the success of your business. As such, you might think that recruiting and hiring is best done in-house. But if you truly believe that your workforce is vital, then you would want to ensure that you are hiring the right people to join your organization. And outsourcing staffing services is the way to ensure this.

And by partnering with HexaGen your organization will have a higher exposure to a lot of benefits that ensure that it adds value to your processes and the organization as a whole.


Better Quality Candidates

By choosing staff outsourcing you get access to better talent. When you obtain our services, you get to benefit from the hiring expertise and experience that we have accumulated and as a result We will make sure that you always receive the top performers who can help you on your road to success.


Faster Hiring

Having positions left open for a long time can hurt your bottom line. The reduced productivity can not only lead to lost opportunities but it can also reduce your current workforce’s morale and efficiency. When your employees have to take on a bigger workload and work longer hours while you continue to search for new hires, they can become irritable, stressed, and unhappy. Their own productivity will suffer. And they might even think about leaving your company.

When you outsource staffing services with us, you won’t have to deal with these consequences. We will start working immediately to find you new employees that matches with your needs We will ensure that you’ll get faster hiring as we have wide candidate pools and top talent to call on. And as we are fully dedicated to the hiring process, without delay and without procrastination, we will ensure that you can fill those positions more quickly and stress free.


Lower Costs

Outsourcing your staffing services won’t be free, but the cost you’ll pay will be significantly less than all of the costs associated with hiring and training new employees in-house.

All of the costs of recruiting, advertising, interviewing, background checking, and skills testing will be rolled into one easy-to-manage fee.

And as we will take care of compliance, payroll, and HR for the employees, you will also save on administrative and overhead costs.


Staff placements

It is always crucial that you always find the right person for your organization at the right time that can adapt into your corporate culture and help you move towards your company goals and objectives.

We at HexaGen will ensue that you always find the right talent that suits your needs and will make sure that the candidate is up to the required standards as he will be absorbed to the organization as will act as a part of it.

Even after the initial recruitment we will follow up on the candidate and his performance we provided, and if not satisfactory we will be there to make sure that no disruption happens to the organization as a result of it.